Local Statistics

Local, Regional and National Statistics

WARD Actuals 08-09 Actuals 09-10 Percentage Differences Numeric Differences
Hyndburn 1482 1946 +31% +464
RV 278 356 +28% +78
Lancashire 23542 27978 +19%

Both RV and Hyndburn had an increase in reported incidents above county averages

Source: Lynda Waddington Partnership Analyst 20/04/2010, Lancashire County Council

Domestic violence is underreported so figures showing incident levels are only small estimations. Many victims will have experienced several incidents before they contact the police for the first time. Similarly the victims may chose not to report every subsequent incident, so repeat victimisation is significantly under reported.


MARAC Referrals:

Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences provide an assessment procedure for cases involving domestic violence. Conferences are help in Blackpool and Fylde/Wyre at regular intervals to discuss the high risk cases and should involve representatives from the police, probation, local authority, health, housing, children’s and women’s services.


Statistics January 2009 – April 2010

Hyndburn and Ribble Valley

53 cases were discussed at MARAC. IDVA support from HARV was given to ALL CASES


In over 70% of Child protection cases and family support cases domestic violence is a contributory factor.

Domestic violence affects both adults and children within the family. Some 200,000 children (1.8%) in England live in households where there is a known risk of domestic violence or violence.( Lord Laming, 2009) Prolonged and/or regular exposure to domestic violence can have a serious impact on children’s safety and welfare, despite the best efforts of parents to protect them.

An analysis of Serious Case Reviews found evidence of past or present domestic violence present in over half (53%) of cases.

In 2006 HARV made a decision to develop services specifically for children and young people and as a result have developed services that are now recognised for innovation across the UK.


In the last 12 months HARV

  • worked directly with the  1034 children and young people
  • the safeguarding  service worked directly with 135 children and young people
  • Provided play schemes for 56 children under the age of 11
  • Provided weekly positive activities to 96 young people between the ages of 12 and 18
  • 1456 young people received preventative programme in schools.
  • IDVA support was given to high risk cases in MARAC and 178 children and young people were living in the same household.
  • Recognised that there are gaps in services for c and yp whose parents are referred to MARAC and will prioritise the development of a specialist IDVA / safeguarding service.


HARV have very specialised services that identify, support and protect children and young people. The three tiered service now enables risk management and monitoring through the deliver of support dependant on level of risk.