Education Services

If your child needs support, we have a full time worker that can come into your childs school. The worker will work closely with teachers and learning mentors to look at the issues that your child may be experiencing.

With agreement from the school we can offer 6 weeks of support to the child in school time and can support them to access other services or activities ran by HARV or by other agencies.

Our worker also delivers lessons to both primary and secondary aged children on healthy relationships

There are a number of myths and stereotypes about violence on women and girls and we believe that these attitudes contribute to perpetuating the problem. We also believe that Men and Women have a crucial role to play in challenging violence.

Schools and colleges have a crucial role to play in helping children and young people to develop healthy relationships, deal with their emotions and challenge the way in which some men and boys behave towards women and girls.
By Promoting healthy relationships through schools we believe we can influence behaviour in the future.

HARV aims to educate and raise awareness to children and young people in primary and secondary educational settings across Hyndburn and Ribble Valley about the impact, prevalence and dynamics of domestic violence and gender based abuse.

We promote and provide awareness of domestic violence in local schools that enable children and young people to safely explore, identify and share their experiences of domestic violence and provide one to one support to children and young people who disclose domestic violence in a safe, structured and empowering way.