Survivor’s Testimonies

“I self referred to HARV Domestic Violence Team last year in May 2010 as I was experiencing physical and emotional abuse from my ex partner. I rang HARV as I needed some support, as my ex partner had tried to strangle me in-front of my children. I need help to get out of this relationship, as previous attempts had failed. With the help from HARV my life is now completely changed within the space of a year, without HARVs help I would probably still be in the abusive relationship.”

“S was my Domestic Violence Worker, she advised me how to cope with the harassment I received off my ex’s family, she also advised me and helped me through the whole court process as my ex partner was charged for battery. She guided me through the family courts when my ex tried to get residency of our children. I do not know how I would have coped through this process without the expert knowledge of S and her support, she has been wonderful.”

“I also attended and completed the freedom program, run by HARV, this is a 12 week program which helps to identify abusive behaviour, the course explains violent and abusive behaviour and enables you to recognise when you are being controlled. The freedom program gave me the confidence to know I will not make the same mistake again in relationships as I would not pick an abusive man, again.”

“My children have also been helped by HARV as they have suffered emotional damage due to witnessing domestic violence. My daughter has had one to one sessions with L in school and these sessions have helped her to deal with her feelings, of confusion, anger and hurt and she loves attending the play scheme, where she plays with other children affected by Domestic Violence she realises she is not the only child who has experienced Domestic Violence. My younger son will start attending the play scheme when he is 5.”

“I cannot in words express my gratitude to HARV as my life has transformed in a year and without HARV this would not of happened. Previously I was dependant on my partner now I am independent, I have 2 jobs, and I went back to college and have passed my first year.”

“I have a great social life, have made new friends, and have also discovered a love of camping. I now have a lot more confidence and life is going well. Thank-you HARV you have helped me change my life.”