School / College holidays.

In all holidays, youth workers develop a programme of activities for young people to attend. The programme is very busy and includes events and activities that are arts, sports and educationally based.



Weekend Residentials:

At least four times a year, HARV take around 15 young people away for the weekend. Residentials in the past have included trip to London to visit MPs and attend the Million Women Rise march, weekends at PGL and/ or outdoor educational centres and also, single gendered weekends.


It Ends Here! Programme:

This programme is an early intervention domestic violence prevention programme.  It is designed to stop abusive patterns from developing further and becoming established in young men.  It involves sessions and activities and helps young people understand their behaviour and take responsibility for their actions.

Outcomes include improving their relationships and encourage the development of better coping mechanisms.

Young men will;

  1. Learn about domestic abuse and who it affects.
  2. Develop an understanding about thoughts and feelings.
  3. Develop an understanding of their attitudes and beliefs about women and girls.
  4. Learn ways to be aware of feelings and how this affects their behaviour.
  5. Learn to manage behaviour without hurting others.
  6. Learn where to find additional help and support.

The It Ends Here! Programme is for young men that:

  • Have concerns about their behaviour towards a partner, ex partner or family member.
  • Have committed an offence against a partner, ex partner or a family member.
  • Are willing to complete the programme and want to change

There is a Choice. We believe that domestic abuse is a choice which is made.  It is also possible to choose not to use domestic abuse.  Only by developing an understanding of this behaviour and learning to stop, can there be a possibility of developing healthy supportive relationships.


Play Services:

HARV provide play schemes throughout the school holidays and can provide for up to 40 children a day.

Play is a serious business, as far as children are concerned. Play makes an immense contribution to your child’s development in lots of important ways.

As a child plays, they learn all about themselves and what they can do. Play helps them make friends, enjoy company and discover the world around them. Your child has fun while playing and at the same time is exercising, discovering and developing both emotionally and physically. That’s what makes play so wonderful!

Our play schemes aim to:

  • Provide children with a safe, fun and empowering environment to explore the issues surrounding their experiences.
  • Establish positive relationships with play workers at HARV
  • Teach children about the importance of being respectful and understanding the importance of equality.
  • Enable risk assessment and safety planning through play

There are occasions where we are able to provide individual child care, to arrange this you must contact the service in advance.

Young people can access us via face book: