Adults Therapeutic Support

At HARV we have a team of volunteer and student counsellors who provide a varied range of therapeutic support that may address a variety of issues that can arise from being a witness in civil, criminal or children’s hearing court proceedings or from being a victim of domestic violence.

These issues can include increasing self-esteem and confidence, reducing anxiety, depression, suicidal or self-injurious behaviour and improving peer and family relationships. Therapeutic support may also address any trauma associated with court proceedings, such as trauma as a result of witnessing a crime, being a victim of crime, or from being involved in a child custody dispute or any other civil proceeding.

There are a vast number of different approaches to the provision of therapeutic support, which are underpinned by different theoretical models and utilise different therapeutic intervention methods. It is not within the scope of this document to describe all the different approaches; however we have three core approaches (Cognitive-Behavioural, NLP and Person-Centred).


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